Legal counseling

At the request, providing oral and / or written legal advice.

Representation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation
  • Representing clients in proceedings before all courts and other state bodies
  • Intermediation in resolving the dispute in accordance with the Law on Mediation and other techniques in aim to achieve Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Representation before arbitration
Foreign Citizens Rights and Conflict of laws
  • Advising and conducting proceedings before the competent authorities in order to regulate the residence of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Serbia (residence permit, work permits, etc.)
  • Counseling, initiating and conducting procedures with an element of abroad, or when there is a conflict of laws between two or more different states
Corporate and Commercial law

On demand we provide legal assistance, as follows:

  • Establishment and registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Governance (Founder/s)
  • Draft of contracts related to domestic and international trade and sale
  • Preparation and draft of the internal documents of companies (general acts, regulations and decisions)


Also, on the basis of the Contract on Providing Continuous Legal Assistance concluded with the Client, we provide representation and counseling of a company in order to legally conduct business activity and reduce legal risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Providing a wide range of legal counseling, preparation of a Due Diligence Report (DDR) and other necessary documentation in the M&A processes, as well as providing support in negotiations to optimize the process and protect the client’s interests until the ‘Closing’.

Winding-up and Bankruptcy

Initiation and conducting the winding-up procedures or bankruptcy with the application of the principles of optimization of costs and collection, and protection of the claims.

IT Law
  • Application of GDPR, drafting and harmonization of contracts and supporting documents
  • Advising a freelancer or IT company in relation to the rights and obligations between the Client and the Developer, as well as the draft of an Agreement on Providing IT services (development, programming, design, etc.) both in Serbian and in English language.
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Protection of copyright and intellectual property rights on the Internet
Intellectual Property
  • Copyright protection
  • Consultation regarding the commercial use of intellectual property rights and its protection
  • Pre-examination of conditions for the recognition and registration of trademarks, designs, patents and geographical indications of origin
  • Implementation of registration procedure before the Intellectual Property Office
Employment Law
  • Providing training for the employees regarding the rights and obligations from employment relation, mobbing protection, protection of whistleblower, etc.
  • Draft of working-legal documentation, e.g. Staff Rulebook, Rules on internal systematization and job classification, safety and occupational safety, etc.
  • Providing mediation in the proceedings within the company, as well as the representation in the court proceeding for the protection from harassment
  • Representation and conduct of proceedings for breach of the Competition ban clause
Commercial Offenses

Representation and defense in proceedings before the Commercial Court.

Consumer and Financial Services Consumers Protection
  • Consumer counseling, representation before the trader / service provider, as well as before the Regional Consumer Protection Council and the Court of Honor of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Counseling the financial services consumers, representation before the banks, as well as initiating procedures before the National Bank of Serbia or competent courts
Debt Collection and Enforcement

Based on many years of work in bank collection teams, we provide clients with the most efficient collection of matured claims by applying the principles of cost reduction and billing optimization.

Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Counseling, collecting and checking the documentation, as well as drafting contracts and other documents for real estate sale
  • Legalization of illegally constructed objects
  • Application of the Housing and Building Maintenance Act
Family and Inheritance Law


  • Legal counseling and mediation in family and inheritance procedures (determination of custody, divorce, shared property, etc.), applying modern techniques and principles in order to reach an agreement
  • Representation before all courts and other state bodies in extra-judicial proceedings
Discrimination and Protection of Human Rights
  • At the request of the client or in cooperation with the NGO sector, counseling and representation of the injured party in the procedures for protection against discrimination in front of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality
  • Representation before domestic and international courts
  • Preparation of the Constitutional Appeals and representation before the Constitutional Court
  • Review and preparation of application to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
Penal and Misdemeanor Law
  • Counselling clients about their rights and obligations
  • Representing clients before all courts and other state bodies in Penal and Misdemeanors Proceedings